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About Today’s Tale

Our story

Welcome to Today’s Tale, the playing field where everyone gets to play, have fun and be inspired.

Irrespective of your place in the sporting landscape individuals, clubs, groups, schools and associations can share stories of great games, personal experiences, legendary acts and classic tales of good humour.

It is also where all users can post sporting news and updates, results, achievements, videos and podcasts and communicate directly with their followers.

Today’s Tale brings you closer to the action and where you can:

  • Create your own sports profile and amplify your brand.
  • Openly promote and showcase sponsors and use your profile and brand to attract new sponsors and retain existing ones.
  • Be rewarded and monetise your content.
  • Customise your reading experience and follow your favourite sports, storytellers, clubs and friends.

It’s time to play so check out how you can participate and remember, be kind, otherwise our yellow, red and suspension cards could see you sitting on the sidelines.

How you can participate

Individuals, clubs, groups, schools and associations have the following options in how they choose to participate.


  • Participate and share content for free!
  • For this option, Today’s Tale is able to place independent ads and generates advertising revenue.

  • Negotiate your own primary sponsors.
  • Primary sponsors logo and website links embedded into all the users content.
  • Keep 100% of sponsored revenue
  • Subscription fee of $29pm.



  • Publish stories behind a micropayment paywall.
  • To access the full story other users pay $0.20c
  • The storyteller receives 70% of ongoing revenue for the story.
  • The storytellers can nominate a % of their revenue to be distributed to a charity /club or cause.