About Us

About Us

Our story

Today's Tale is a technology platform that enables sporting communities to collaborate, promote their sport and commercialise their content.

Irrespective of your place in the sporting landscape the platform is open to all individuals, sports media, clubs, associations, schools and governing bodies to share sports stories, experiences, news, profile interviews, match results, videos and podcasts.

Being able to commercialise content, promote sponsors and generate new revenue streams is one of the most powerful features of the platform especially for local and grassroots' sporting communities.

Sport is about fun, engagement and inspiration – let's play

Opportunities to participate

Individuals, sports entrepreneurs, clubs, sports media, schools, associations and governing bodies have the following options in how they choose to participate.


  • Choose a sports community and sign up for free
  • Publish content and promote your sport, club and sponsors.

  • Location - community can be local, regional and rural
  • Niche - choose a sport or community to build your own marketplace and asset
  • Schools and Universities - create a dedicated sports market place

Organisation and Assosiations

  • Build a digital asset to engage and promote your sport.
  • Create new revenue streams for your sport and community
  • Access data points to grow community